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70 Chapters
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Get tickets to the #1 PAA NATIONAL EVENT THIS YEAR!
PAA Cleveland 2023

June 30 – July 5, 2023, Cleveland, Ohio
PAA Cleveland Convention

PAA Cleveland 2023
June 30 - July 5, 2023, Cleveland, Ohio

This is the first six-day national PAA event in four years!

YOU are exactly the kind of person we would love to see at the convention. You are DEDICATED to keeping Cretan culture alive by proudly showcasing your Cretan heritage everywhere you go. You are loving and joyful, and thrive when sharing your culture in a community of like-minded friends who feel more like family. You bring the spirit of Crete with you and YOU are the glue that keeps the PAA alive! Your presence is what will make this convention unforgettable!

The convention provides the most accessible way to strengthen our entire Pancretan network in the United States. The PAA National Convention would have remained an idea instead of a reality without your DEDICATION to keeping Cretan heritage relevant in AMERICA. Visit our about section to learn why this convention is a life’s purpose and dream for us to host.

Join us to make Cleveland’s third PAA National Convention legendary together! In case you are new to the George Varouh Cretan Club of Cleveland, we have hosted a four-day Greek festival for the last 12 years that attracts thousands of people each year. We are proud to serve our repeat attendees each year and are excited to continuously build our community to share the love of our traditional food, music, and dance in an inviting and loving Cretan house.

Registration is NOW OPEN for PAA Cleveland 2023. Τα λέμε από κοντά στο Κλίβελαντ!

We selected the Hilton Cleveland Downtown as the central hub for the convention.

Daytime meetings and evening events will be hosted there along with several of our local churches throughout the Cleveland area.  If you’re up for an “all nighter” we have the place for you.  Our chapter’s Κρητικό Σπίτι is a quick 15 minute ride from the hotel.  The Hilton is located in the heart of our vibrant downtown district and is within a mile of the Rocket Mortgage Field House, Playhouse Square, and East 4th Street shopping.

Attractions near the hotel are the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, science center, casino, a revitalized Cleveland Flats District which flanks the historical Cuyahoga River, and many other attractions in downtown Cleveland.

Equipped with an indoor pool, fitness center, top-floor bar with Lake Erie views, a restaurant and lounge, a spacious work center in the lobby, and lake and skyline views from every guest room, this hotel will win your heart and serve as an excellent location to create lifetime memories with your Cleveland Cretan family.

Fun fact, the 3rd Paa National Convention was held in Cleveland in 1932 and the last time a convention was held in Cleveland was in 1958! Our community is eager to have the entire PAA community visit our Κρητικό Σπίτι and to offer some long overdue Cleveland Φιλοξενία.


The greatest gift we have in our world is our community!  One of the biggest losses we felt these last few years was through separation in our communities worldwide.  As events shut down, we could no longer support one another up close as we endured challenges and were deprived from holding each other tight. We lost our ability to celebrate this one life we were put on this earth to cherish together. 

Terminal Tower Diamond Level

Whether you love enjoying Cretan music or you love dancing, the 2023 PAA National Convention is the only place you will want to be on June 30, 2023! In only six days, you will watch your life transform as you gather with other Cretans in Cleveland, Ohio, to celebrate our Cretan heritage all day and night!

In our Cretan communities, we know the importance of celebrating our heritage through our music. The music sets the κέφι for the event by filling our souls with aliveness and vibrancy, the παρέα makes it memorable through meeting new and old faces, and the food and τσικουδιά make it a well-rounded party that your heart won’t want to miss! The musicians decision was only made possible by hearing our full PYA and PAA memberships’ voices across the nation. 

Ένα τεράστιο ευχαριστώ to our selection committee, which included members from our PYA and PAA from across the nation, for voting Kostas Nodarakis together with Vasilis Stavrakakis, Dimitris Sygletos, and Antonis Stavrakakis as the 2023 PAA Convention musicians! Our musicians are dynamic. They will entertain a Cretan and Greek crowd for hours. Their technical instrumental skill set paired with their vocals and μαντινάδες are sure to nourish your soul!

We cannot wait to shine with you in CLEVELAND!

Kostas Nodarakis

Κώστας Νοδαράκης

Dimitris Sygletos

Δημήτρης Συγλέτος

Vasilis Stavrakakis

Βασίλης Σταυρακάκης

Antonis Stavrakakis

Αντώνης Σταυρακάκης